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Welcome to New Era Publishers

Encouraging learners to think

Welcome to New Generation Publishers. New Generation Publishers was formed in 1992 and has been publishing materials of quality ever since. It is also known as New Era Publishers and uses this imprint for many of its textbooks. New Generation is a focused home grown publishing company preferring to produce a limited number of textbooks of quality rather than opting for quantity. They enjoy a BEEE status of 135%.

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Learning material

New Generation textbooks are highly rated by teachers and learners in the following subjects: Accounting (Grade 10–12), History (Grade 10–12), isiZulu (Grade 1–12) Economic Management Sciences (Grade 8–9). All the authors have been carefully selected for their exceptional subject knowledge and are actively involved in the external examination systems in the country, both public and private.

The Study Guides for Grades 10–12 are excellent supplements to the textbooks and have proved highly successful in ensuring that learners are well prepared for their Final Examinations. These tasks are developed by authors with all the necessary experience and knowledge of the demands of examinations in Accounting, History and Maths Literacy.  Research has shown that learners who have made use of the study guides achieve at least one symbol higher in the final examination (refer to comment below).

All textbooks and some study guides are available in Afrikaans.  Please refer to the web for details.



Under resources on this web you will find teaching videos in Accounting and EMS to assist both teachers and learners in initial understanding of a topic and on-going support   This is a FREE service that can be viewed as many times as you wish, from a computer, tablet, cell phone etc. Take advantage of these aids in preparation for tests and examinations. There are also examples of tests and examinations together with marking guidelines.

Training & Consulting

The latest development in the New Era range of services is a training division that is both SACE and SETA approved.  Our trainers are all authors of our textbooks. They also have a wealth of experience gained from working in their subject fields at the highest levels, and are experts at sharing their passion, knowledge and skills.  In addition to content training in Accounting, Maths Literacy and EMS, another highly acclaimed training programme offered by New Era focuses on Assessment across all subject fields. The Assessment training has received high acclaim, and may be adapted to cover either specific content within a particular subject, or on a range of subject areas within in one training programme. This training is in accordance with the CAPS with particular emphasis on cognitive skills and degree of challenge. In a practical session, teachers and other participants will be assisted to develop their own assessment tasks.

I am glad I came across your video – beautiful voice to listen to, not too fast not too slow teacher, very analytical, feels like a one to one tuition, which is my best form of teaching and learning. I’m grateful for your gifting. God bless you, Diane!!!


The study guide made self-studying and effective revision possible. By being split into specific topics I have been able to do topic specific revision. The memo is also included with allows for easy marking and correcting – also adding to the value of the revision process. It has been an extremely valuable resource.
Justine Raw

Grade 12 Accounting learner

“Thank you.  This will help me a lot with my test” – see our resources page to also utilize our helpful videos!


Fabio Christiaan


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