About the NewEra family

The early 1990’s reflected the start of rapid changes in South African education. The early editions of New Era Accounting were published by NASOU at that stage. In 1992, NASOU made a decision to focus on only one Accounting textbook, and consequently (or short-sightedly) terminated the New Era publishing contract. As the other established publishers were making similar decisions, the New Era authors faced the daunting prospect of having no publisher.

Fortunately, one of the founding authors, Hanif Aboobaker, with support from co-author Ben Marx and relatively new author Trevor Hall, presented a proposal to a group of potential investors and convinced them to form a private publishing firm. New Generation Publishers (NGP) was formed, with New Era Accounting as their only product.

In the decade that followed, New Era Accounting occupied an exclusive niche market for Model-C and private schools, and proved to be the textbook of choice for teachers who wished to extend their students further in the subject. Significant curriculum changes for the better ensued in the new millennium, with the high school content transforming from the traditional bookkeeping approach into an enlightened Accounting approach which addressed higher order thinking skills of analysis, evaluation and creative problem-solving.  Throughout this period, New Era Accounting gained the reputation as a market leader at the cutting edge of the new developments.

The authors appreciated their close contact with NGP, who shared the authors’ vision of contributing to and influencing the enhancement of education standards in South Africa.  This has been a long and rewarding journey, with loyal users of New Era Accounting benefiting from the constant upgrades from one edition to another. This journey was not without its challenges, and the symbiotic relationship between the publishers, the authors and their client base, has been a constant source of strength in overcoming the obstacles.