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Are the textbooks and study guides CAPS compliant?
Yes all the material is CAPS compliant
Are the textbooks and study guides suitable for DBE, IEB and SACAI curricula and examinations?
Yes.  The authors have experience in all three examining bodies and have ensured that the material is meets their respective requirements.
What makes the New Era textbooks different from other publications?
The authors are all very experienced in the examination system in the country and have brought their skills and knowledge to the material developed.  Teachers and learners can be assured that the material is of an excellent standard in explaining work, giving examples and making sure that the tasks are of an appropriate standard.  An integrated, thinking approach is adopted with tasks scaffolded to accommodate all levels of learners.
How will the study guides add value to my studies?
While the textbooks are set in modules to follow the teaching approach, the study guide gives learners an opportunity to practice typical examination questions. Due to the flow of the curriculum in the classroom it is not always possible for tasks to be of an integrated approach covering a range of skills and challenge.  The study guides will add this value to your preparation of the examination.
How will the New Era Accounting material benefit learners after school?
The New Era material approaches the work from the known and leads learners to discover more skills and knowledge.  This develops very important thinking and problem solving skills which will be used in all areas after school.  The high challenge of the graded tasks will ensure that learners studying for a further diploma or degree in Accounting will have obtained all the necessary basics without rote learning.
Will I be able to obtain support if necessary?
Yes.  Not only will material be available on the web but a question and answer email is set up to address your queries.  If the area of uncertainty is common and of interest to other educators or learners we will put solutions on the web.  Therefore it is important that you visit the website regularly.  Personalised problems with be dealt with to the best of our ability.
What other resources are available?
The web offers a range of questions and answers.  There is also a video section on which you can click and listen to further explanations.There is a question and answer email in which you can address any concerns or queries that you may have.E-books can be downloaded from either: www.itschoolinnovation.com or www.snapplify.com
We are also available on Facebook.
Where can I purchase a textbook or study guide?
Click on the order form and New Era will be in contact with you.  All reputable booksellers also stock the material.

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